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The initial project meeting is carried out free of charge. Thereafter work is carried out either on a time charge basis, at a percentage rate or a fixed fee dependant upon which has been agreed as most appropriate.

When fees are based on a percentage of the total construction cost, they maybe adjusted up or down to the actual cost when known.

Where a project has been commenced on a fixed fee or percentage rate basis and a client terminates the work, charges will be implemented up to the last uncompleted stage.

Fees are charged by invoicing for work completed either monthly or on completion of a work stage, whichever is sooner. All invoices are subject to VAT at the standard rate. Payment is due within 14 days.

Expenses for items such as photography, purchase of maps and reports, couriers, subsistence and rail fare are charged at cost. Car travel is charged at 60p per mile. Black & White plan printing is charged at 3.25/A0, 2.00/A1, 1.25/A2 and 0.30/A3. Colour printing by arrangement. Statutory application fees are excluded from our fee proposals and must be paid directly to the authority by the client.

Whilst every effort is made to achieve planning approval and other necessary consents, we cannot guarantee approval will be given and fees are payable regardless of the outcome.

All drawings, reports, specifications and other documentation produced in connection with a project remain the property of The Antarchitecture and copyright is reserved. On payment of fees The Antarchitecture will grant a copyright license to its clients to use these documents in connection with the particular site, unless otherwise agreed.

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